Friday, November 20, 2009

Give Me The Truth

A true designer exists for the people. While designers need people to design for, it's not the purpose of the designer to design for ones own ego or promotion. People want balance and a unique way to express who they are. Truth in Design - True Design.

How do I get that designer look?

In a word? Confidence. 
I had a client who brought me a few magazine pictures of what they thought they might want in their color design.  The space consisted of a kitchen, dining room and a den. "These look great!" I said, but as we started putting color samples up the client said, "Wow!  I'm not sure I can do this."  I asked her to go get the pictures that were her original inspiration.  I explained that the colors I put up as a sample were not as bold as the colors used in the magazine.  I went further and offered to apply not just a 2 foot sample of the color on the wall but to have the entire wall painted.  I was so confident that she would love the color and that it was what she really wanted.  I was right.  She loved it! And so did her husband.  It truly had a designer look right out of the pages of a magazine.  Color is so powerful!  Subtle color, bold color,  just have fun and be confident.

How To Use Color

Subtle Impact

I'm finding more and more of my clients are leaning away from the, "color for color's sake" mind set brought on largely by the cable renovation shows during the past real estate boom.  I see a more sophisticated trend starting to blossom. Very rich tones with great visual and even visceral impact.

Does Sex Matter?

Yes it does!  Men and women look at home remodeling and even choosing paint colors from two very different places. Men are usually concerned more with the general structure and practicality of the space, while women are more in line with how the space will feel emotionally. In addition women are more vocal about how they want the space to look from the color stand point.

I have a general rule that in one of the very first design meetings I meet with both the husband and wife at the same time.  It's of course important for me to hear what both want and how they visualize the project space. But really the more important result is in them hearing each other describe what the other wants.  

In a casual setting, over the dining room or kitchen table clients will open up to me and it really gets the ball rolling in a productive way. In the end the process produces a home that both husband and wife feel proud of and connected to.